1984-04-02 Equal Rights.pdf
This statement by the Cavalier Daily expresses support of Gay Awareness Week's efforts to reduce…

1984-03-28 Gay Awareness Week.pdf
After deliberation, the Student Council decides to endorse Gay Awareness Week. Debate among…

Gay employees keep up the fight to insure partners- Stradling.pdf
Gay employees of Virginia state colleges and universities fight for health insurance and other…

1984-04-17 Gay Group Receives New Name.pdf
Members of the University's Gay Student Union vote to change the name to the Gay and Lesbian Student…

1984-04-06 Gays Do Not Choose Their Lifestyle.pdf
This letter to the editor by a gay student asserts that gays do not choose their sexual orientation.…

1984-04-10 Gays Have a Long Way to Go.pdf
Following Gay Awareness Week, this letter to the editor discusses the importance of ensuring the…

During the 1997 Proud to be Out Week, two homophobic incidents occurred against the week of events. …

1984-04-13 Homosexual 'Sin' is 'Disgusting and Perverse,' Offensive Social Disorder.pdf
The writer of this letter to the editor asserts that homosexuality is offensive to him, even as he…

1984-04-12 Homosexual Choice an Act.pdf
This letter to the editor asserts that gays, like alcoholics, have moral agency in choosing whether…

lgbt article.pdf
This letter to the editor argues that homosexual love is human and proceeds from human reason.

If a student needs to discuss gay or lesbian concerns with you...-educational handout.pdf
Educational handout to professors on how to assist LGBTQ students

In this article, author Dexter Mullins discusses the lack of data on the LGBTQ community and sexual…