1984-02-01 Views About Pornography on Grounds.pdf
Various letters to the editor respond to a recent showing of the pornographic film "Deep Throat" on…

UVA Group is accused of sexism-Morrison.pdf
Complaints also allege illicit drinking on Campus- Complaints Prompt prove of UVA Group

1984-01-31 University Showing of Porno Film Legitimizes Sexual Violence.pdf
This letter to the editor objects to a showing of the pornographic film "Deep Throat" on Grounds, on…

Total ban on alcohol urged for all Va. college events- Winston.pdf
"Richmond- Committee members of a governor's task force studying sexual assault and drug use on…

Throwing Rice in Paradise- Graham- The Declaration.pdf
A Hawaiian same-sex marriage case affects gay couples everywhere

1985-11-22 - Steinem's Message - Its Time Has Come.pdf
This letter to the editor by a student reacts to Gloria Steinem's recent lecture at UVa on…

1985-11-19 - Steinem to Speak on Today's Feminists.pdf
This article publicizes a forthcoming lecture by Gloria Steinem at Old Cabell Hall on 'Women of the…

1985-11-20 -  Steinem Cites Changes.pdf
Gloria Steinem gives a lecture at Old Cabell Hall on current feminist efforts to eliminate sexuality…

1985-11-21 - Slogan Disclaimer.pdf
Following an on-Grounds lecture on second-wave feminism by Gloria Steinem, the Director of Women's…

1984-09-04 Should Deep Throat Be Deep-Sixed.pdf
This opinion article responds to feminist groups' efforts to ban a screening of the pornographic…

Sexual assault campaign launched-Urbanowicz.pdf
"As America's 12 million college students returned to school, "L.A. Laws" stars Susan Dey and Corbin…

Sexism, drinking charges at UVA society probed- Santos.pdf
"Charlottesville- The University of Virginia is investigation charges of sexism and illegal drinking…