Rape- When the Assailant is one of our own- Lowers.pdf
"Sexual assault isn't committed by just men. Lesbians who have been rapes by other lesbians are…

Second Speak Out provides confidential assault forum- Lackey.pdf
Second University Sexual Assault Speak Out held to discuss sexual assault and listen to victims'…

Sexual Assault against men- It does happen.pdf
Guidelines for same-sex assault crisis intervention pamphlet

Sexual Assault Awareness Week article- Bergen.pdf
Sexual Assault Awareness Week kicks off with events on the Lawn- schedule of the events of the week

The Physician's Guide to Domestic Violence.pdf
How to ask the right questions and recognize abuse- "another way to save a life"


University staff member- policies on sexual assault .pdf
List of policies on sexual assault, provided by a university staff member

UVA vigil targets sexual violence- Sanminiatelli .pdf
Rise in reported assaults spurs students and faculty to sponsor discussion on sexual violence at UVA

We have to stop it!.pdf
Personal account regarding a sexual assault, and a woman who spoke up about it.

What to do when someone you know is raped.pdf
Informational packet taken from an interview of Linda Sandford in People magazine regarding…

1994 University crime rate decreases-Rasmussen.pdf
"Although the University saw a 3.7 percent overall decrease in crime in 1994, victims reported…