1984-04-06 Gays Do Not Choose Their Lifestyle.pdf
This letter to the editor by a gay student asserts that gays do not choose their sexual orientation.…

1984-04-17 Anti-Gay Bigotry May 'Wreak Havoc'.pdf
This letter to the editor criticizes an anti-gay Cavalier Daily article by Terrell Bower. The writer…

1984-2-10 Unsubstantiated Charges of Racism Encourage Backlash.pdf
This letter to the editor responds to a previous article detailing a violation of black students'…

1984-2-14 Delta Sigma Phi Decries Racist Attack on Brothers.pdf
In an open letter to Cavalier Daily, the Delta Sigma Phi fraternity asserts that a member of its…

1986-03-04 - Roles of ROTC Women.pdf
This letter to the editor is written by a female ROTC member in response to the Cavalier Daily's…

1986-04-17 - Incest Victims Endure Pain, Lifetime Scars.pdf
This article focuses on the issue of sexual child molestation. It cites statistics surrounding the…

1988-04-07 - Rape Seeking Justice part 2.pdf
This focus article on rape details several rape cases at UVa and the survivors' experiences of…

Raped- a male survivor breaks his silence- Pelka .pdf
Personal account by a man raped by another man.

Cavalier Daily Sept 25, 1992 - Common Evils.pdf
A letter to the editor expresses a pro-choice perspective and explores the "evils" that may result…

Cavalier Daily Oct 1, 1992 - Beyond Grounds; Attacks Reveal Troubled Relationship.pdf
An article encourages student/community relations by advertising a "take back the neighborhood"…